The Cranko Manual

Cranko is a release automation tool implementing the just-in-time versioning workflow. It is cross-platform, installable as a single executable, supports multiple languages and packaging systems, and is designed from the ground up to work with monorepos.

If you’re just getting started, your first step should probably be to install cranko. Or, check the table of contents to the left if you’d like to skip directly to a topic of interest.

Contributions are welcome!

This book is a work in progress, and your help is welcomed! The text is written in Markdown (specifically, CommonMark using pulldown-cmark) and rendered into HTML using mdbook. The source code lives in the book/ subdirectory of the main Cranko repository. To make and view changes, all you need to do is install mdbook, then run the command:

$ mdbook serve

in the book/ directory.